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About Us

For over three generations, here in Sanum per Fructus, the love for beekeeping and honey has been traditionally passed down. Our family is proud to bring the gifts of our country to your homes through beekeeping and by using the extensive experience we have gathered.

Our honey product are 100% natural and its quality is confirmed by many companies across not only Europe, but the also world, with our products decorating the tablecloths of many countries. We guarantee the quality, safety and security of our products as we have reached the top quality in production, and both the packaging and transportation.

If we help to bring the taste, smell, and freshness of our stunningly gorgeous and curative

meadows, acacia forests and the nectar from plants found on the untouched and inaccessible

mountain tops, the bees will gladly treat us with nice, sweet and healthy honey.



Quality is a priority and is natural.

Acacia honey

Meadow honey

Honey with fruits

Honey with lyophilized fruits


in bulk


single packs

Hotel Packs

GLASS packs

Private labels

Here are also couple of private labels that we are producting:

Happy Honey
Honning As
Ras Trade
Edex Food
Beo la Miellette
Beeo Sport
Beeo Sport
Just Superior
Just Superior

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