What we do


The testing of the quality of the used raw materials as well as the finished product is preformed at the most renowned and accredited laboratories in the country, as well as abroad. Our most significant partners for the process of quality check are:

Institute of Meat Technology, Belgrade, Serbia and QSI Bremen, Germany.

Our company offers both the production and packaging of all kinds of honey of the highest quality as well as any shape and design of the packaging of the customer’s choice.

Selection of beekeepers

One of the main goals of the company is the honest and unreserved support and cooperation with our suppliers – the beekeepers.

Therefore, the company ensures the selected production areas are protected from harmful and contaminating elements:

  • Absence of urban areas with more than 150.000 inhabitants within a 10 km radius;
  • Absence of a chemical and/or oil industry within a 20 km radius;
  • Absence of nuclear plants within a 20 km radius;
  • Absence of public landfills or waste incinerators within a 5 km radius;
  • Absence of highways within a 3 km radius; absence of an airport within a 10 km radius;
  • Respecting beekeeping traditions;
  • Use of traditional wooden beehives and frames;
  • No plastic, aluminum or polystyrene beehives and plastic frames;
  • Honey must be extracted using the cold centrifuge method (without any other heat sources and at room temperature);
  • Respecting beekeeping production techniques;
  • Use of chemical agents for honey collection is forbidden;

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