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About sanumperfructus



Just as people, bees too like good words, good music, the sun shining, the many shades of green, and the irresistible fragrances which surround us. Here at Sanum per Fructus, our greatest value is  our love for bees, and with it, the protection of our environment, innovation, flexibility, and the  willingness to respond to all demands and changes of the market.

Sanum per Fructus LTD is a company that produces quality and 100% natural  honey products. Our brand – Medodija – and the quality of its products, is confirmed by many companies across not only our own local market and Europe, but the also world, namely Australia and Japan.

Being situated in the heart of Serbia – the city of Kragujevac in the Sumadija region – we are surrounded by untouched nature and slopes of Crni Vrh and Rudnik, which guarantees the best quality of acacia and forest honey.

With the honey processing capacity of 1000t a year, using the most contemporary equipment and  by conforming to the requirements established by the DPP- Good Manufacturing Practice, DHP- Good Hygienic Practices and HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, we guarantee the quality, safety and security of our products, making purchases safe and simple. We have reached the top quality in production, and both the packaging and transportation of our products. We are certified with FSSC 22000, FDA, EU organic (EOS).

We proudly state that we are the third generation of beekeeping and honey enthusiasts.

We use the knowledge and experience of three generations to bring the gifts of our country to your homes through beekeeping.

If we help to bring the taste, smell, and freshness of our stunningly gorgeous and curative meadows, acacia forests and the nectar from plants found on the untouched and inaccessible mountain tops, the bees will gladly treat us with nice, sweet and healthy honey.

Each type of honey is specific in itself, and each is curative in its own way, therefore people buy it according to their own tastes. We recommend trying as much as possible, we believe it is the most beneficial way, this is how we unknowingly receive all of nature’s gifts.

The man and the bee need to love each and respect each other, and only with that trust and love, and of course, a lot of sun, can we get the natural quality of honey.